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Mica Band Heaters are built in 'MICA' Insulation with 'L' type clamping and manufactured in M.S. Plated sheet or S.S. outer & Brass inner sheet.

* These heaters are the most economic & widely used for heating of moulds, dies, nozzles and barrels on all     types of plastic processing machinery.
* Thin mica insulation provides excellent thermal conductivity by 'Conduction' and faster heating up and cooling    down is possible.
* Maximum sheath temperature upto 480 degree Celsius.
* Maximum Watt density - 3 W/Sq cm to 3.5 W/Sq. cm.
* Plate, Strip, square, rectangular shape mica band heaters can be manufactured as per customer    specifications in one or two piece units. Spot welded clamp bars & Allen screw clamping can be done like    Ceramic Band Heaters



• Mica Band Heaters
Mica Band Heaters

CONSTRUCTION : Design consists of Nichrome resistance rbbon proecisely wound, evenly spaced on a Inorganic Mica Sheets which eliminates hot spot. Our exclusive Computer Softwate designing maximize the element ribbon coverage of the heated area, which results in uniform heat distribution. The resistance ribbon is carefully selected considering all aspects in the application to obtain maximum life of the heater. This ribbon wound mica foemer and insulated with mica sheets, which is then covered with SS/Brass sheets.

Specification and Tolerances :


Wattage :5%

Voltage : 230 Volts / 415 Volts.


Minimum Dia : 25mm

Minimum Width : 20mm

Width tolerance : 2mm

Std. gap between Clamps : 5-8mm

• Most Economical

• Faster Heating up and Cooling Down possible


These heaters are suitable to apply heat by conduction to cylindrical surfaces-Injection & Blow Molding M/cs, Extruders, Dies, Drum Heating.
• Energy Saving Ceramic & Mica Band Heaters
Energy Saving Ceramic & Mica Band Heaters

Energy Saving Ceramic & Mica Band Heaters

This is a superior design to save power up to 30%. The Energy saving is achieved by using 2" thick ceramic wool blanket insulation from the outer surface of the heater. The overall outer diameter increases by 4". The low thermal conductivity of the ceramic biber keep the outher surface temperature up to 60° to 80° C, Which reduces heat losses to atmosphere.

• Reduce Electricity Bill

• Reduce Power Load


• Saving in energy up to 30%

• Uniform Heating

• Reduced preheating time of machine

• Cool Working atmosphere

• Increases productivity